Music butthead

All I want to do is have background music play throughout my movie (As soon as the site has loaded. So NO button needed to start the music).

I’d like it to be in a movie clip so I can have greater control over it. You know, like turn it on/off, control the volume.

I feel like such a butthead. I just can’t seem to get the background music to work. I’ve looked at the tutorials (dynamic mp3, loading an swf with a sound file in it, etc) and I still don’t get it.

If someone could provide an FLA or a really dumbed down explanation on where the Actions go, or generally what’s the best way to do this, that would be cool.

I’ve been at this for two days…thus the butthead complex.

Thanks Dudes and Dudettes

What kind of functionality would you require ? Start, stop, next, previous, preloading, volume control, …

Sound swf:

Preloading - since I want to keep the sound file separate from my main movie to reduce file size

Start/Stop - Just because it’s nice to have that option.


Currently I have a preloader in my main movie to handle all the animation.

instead of using a seperate swf, you can load mp3’s externally and preload them, do a search on the forums and yu wil be sure to find your answer

What’s wrong with this code? I’m trying to load test.swf which contains the sound file into the movie clip soundMC. I’m not hearing any sound.

I’ve place the code in the 2nd frame of the of my Main Movie.

onEnterFrame = function(){
_root.createEmptyMovieClip(“soundMC”, 1);
loadMovie(“test.swf”, “soundMC”);

x = new sound()
x.loadSound("yourmp3.mp3", true); // true streams