Music control

Hi. I am new to actionscript.\r\rCould anyone out there help me with the music control thing?\r\r1. How to disable the play button during the time the sound is playing until it is over? Or prevent users from clicking the play button as the sound is playing. \r\rproblem i am encountering:\rWhilst the sound is playing, whenever a user clicks on the play button, a new sound is playing with a playing one together at the same time, it is so annoying. \r\rThanks for your kind help.

Have a look at this:\…talog/1020\rit’s the best i’ve found on sound in Flash so far…\rAlso, check out the downloads in the “code” section of the site for the Flash books, they provide all the source flas for their books, and there’s some good stuff in there too!\rHelps?

And no need to double post. I’ll delete the other one.\r\rpom 0]