Music in the lance armstrong commercial?

Anyone know the name of the acoustic song in Nike’s Lance Armstrong commercial.

p.s. thats one of the best cinemagraphic (sp) commercials i’ve ever seen!

what’s a link to the video?

yes that music is amazing - and that commercial is the best ive seen in a long time if not ever.

Dont know the song but found the ad for ya :beam: :thumb:

Nike has had some good commercials lately, I wonder who the ad agency is. The other one that I really liked was the one that wend like “10 feet on the west side is 10 feet on the east side… Football is football, unless it’s football

The spot’s music, composed by Dave Wittman and Jimmy Haun at Elias Arts Los Angeles with support from creative director David Gold and head of production Dayna Turcotte, features the vocal talents of Kathleen Fisher.


forgive me, who’s Lance Armstrong?? Got to watch TV more I guess.

The one testicled American that kicks the worlds arse in the tour de france.

who’s lance armstrong? and you are from america?..

wow. anyways, he’s a cyclist that has survived from brain, lung, and testicular cancer to come back and win the tour de france 6 straight times - never before done. plus he’s dating sheryl crow.

I live in this little pile of sand next to France, and I haven’t even seen this commercial…like ever. Grr.

Rofl :lol: - Stop saying that! You could say he kicks arse without the one testicle part :P!

And yea that commercial with the “Football is football, unless its football” is amazing :).

The football is football commercial really is my favourite commercial of all time. But it isn’t a Nike commercial, right? As far as I remember it’s a Gatorade commercial :slight_smile:

Yeah, that hit me today lol, I think it is a Gatorade commercial. (It’s a great commercial, but apparently not a good advertising commercial if I didn’t remember the product hehe)


[whine] But is sounds soooooo funny [/whine]


Thanks, I asked my wife the other night and she filled me in on who the guy is.