Music / Movie catagory

I pmed you, kirupa, about this awhile back. I figured I should post it here though.

I just think it’d be a cool idea to have a seperate forum catagory under “Talk” for just music and movies and maybe TV shows. You know, media stuff. I would love to talk a lot about music and what kind of stuff others listen to / get new bands names, etc, but thats just me.

Doesn’t Random seem to work well for those topics? I hesitate to bog down the place with too many forums :thumb:

Yeah let’s not get filled up liek cgtalk. Thats madness overthere :wink:

i agree, except that it’s hard to sift through all the random posts to find anything about movies or music. plus, anyone who isnt interested in it isn’t going to look at the post, so it’s just another dead post in the random forum… and there seems tobe a lot of those.

at any rate, i figured it’d be a large enough catagory to warrant it’s own section in the “Talk” forum.

I don’t see any problem with the movies, shows and music talk being in random. Everyone talks about that stuff in random, no point in changing now since no one else has a problem with it.

But I see what you’re saying ;).

Yeh anything that isnt related to web-development should stay within random. We cant get too specific or the forum we get clogged up. I dont want this forum to be some crazy hectik overhwelming forum with everyone here and there and information floating around in all directions. Sorry Kris.

Yeah those are all good points that I agree with now.