Music on/off

I was wondering how to make a button that switches the music on the page off, and once the button is clicked it changes to a button witch can switch the music back on. I hav basic flash 5 skills. But i know very little about actionScript, so as much detail as possible in the directions would be appreciated. If you are confused on what I am trying to do, check out the site for the movie “A Beautiful mind” ( ). In the upper right hand corner there is a button that says music off. I want my button to behave exactly like this one. Thanx.

1/make a movieclip, 2keyframes, stop action on each
2/put the “stop sound” words or graphic in 1st keyframe, “play music” in the second
3/add an invisible button over your word/graphic (that is, a button with only a square or whatever in the 4th=hit state) in each keyframe
4/select the button in first kf and add actions to
a)gotoAndStop (currentframe + 1) (or use a label like ‘off’)
5/in 2nd kf, select button and add actions to
a)gotoAndStop (currentframe -1) (or use label like ‘on’)
b)make your sound play…however you do that, different possibilities…

Note that the stuff above is NOT cut’n’paste actionscript, try to get it working on your own so you learn s’thing at the same time, if it doesn’t work, post back…have fun :slight_smile: