Music Shortcut Laptop Button

There’s a small button above my laptop keyboard with a music note on it, it’s meant as a shortcut to start … well, some media player.

So when I press it, it starts Winamp. But now, I have some KILLAH SKINS ( :sure: ) for Windows Media Player, so I’d like to change it so it starts up WMP instead of Winamp…

I’ve looked around but haven’t really found a way to change this… Anyone have any ideas? :beam:

it should be driven by your keyboard driver. Check for an options panel in your control panel. It might have its own or it might be in keyboard. If that doesnt work, check for installed programs in Program Files and see if you cant find the app that handles it.

It also might just open up whatever your default player is.

There isn’t an option in the Control Panel :frowning:

I thought about it starting up the default player as well, but I don’t know how to make it “the default player” :ne:

Check your laptop manufacturer’s web site for any software that you may need to install to configure that. For example, I have the following program for my Dell that allows me to customize the various buttons :slight_smile: