Muting a streaming audio track

This is probably a newbie question, as I’m on exactly my 4th day of working with Flash MX 2004. So if I’m hopelessly deluded as to the best way to do what I’m attempting, don’t hesitate to tell me (better for me to learn now than later).

The idea is simple: to have a streaming track of music that plays behind the animation, but can be muted (and possibly unmuted) via a button.

I did the following steps:

[]Added the MP3 file in question to the Library
]Right clicked on the MP3 in the Library, selected “Linkage…”, and set it to be exported for AS and in the 1st frame, and gave it the identifier “previewaudio”.
[]Created an empty layer in the animation and selected it
]Dragged the MP3 from the Library onto the Stage
[]In Properties for that layer, set the Sync type to “Stream”
]Created a button on its own layer, in accordance with the MX help file (changed it to a button symbol, added a simple mouseover animation, etc)
[*]Selected the button and added the following ActionScript for it:

 on (release) {

The Mute button does nothing to stop the audio after all of this. (It does stop the audio if I use a “Stop All Audio” behavior instead of the script, but I don’t want to do that because I’d prefer the option of being able to start the audio again later.)

Am I misunderstanding something about how the Identifier field works? If so, how should I use AS to “get at” a streaming audio track that has been added to an animation in this fashion? I’ve read things about creating a sound object entirely through AS instead, but my concern with that is it looks to me like the only way to stream audio that way is to take it from an external file on the web server, and the web hosting provider where I’d like to put up this Flash animation doesn’t support streaming MP3 files.

Any efforts to clear away some of the Flash-induced smoke in my eyes would be vastly appreciated!

  • David