Mving anchor points with code?

Hi! I my scene I have a movieclip called main. For main I have a file, and in there I have

class main extends MovieClip {
    function onLoad() {
        _x = Stage.width/2;
        _y = Stage.height/2;

This movieclip is the central of everything that is gonna happen in the program. The program is supposed to simulate a rope hanging in the mouse cursor, for the animating of the rope I have thought I am gonna use anchor points, say I have about 50 of them for the whole rope. Now is my question: I know you can place lines in the movieclip by using moveTo and lineTo, but can you later change the position of the endpoints for those lines? And since I want the lines to be smooth, I want to place out the direction points as well and also be able to move those too. So, does anyone have any idea of how I can performe this?