Mx 2004 on Mac won't work (desperate)


I am working on the following site:

When I view the site in windows on my machines at home, it works fine (what’s finished at least) but on a Mac, there seems to be all kinds of problems from jerky swf playback and jerky flv playback to mouseover not working and the media controller not working correctly for all of the clips. At least this is what the guys there (who use macs) are reporting to me.

Here is their email to me:

The main things that I am noticing is that the longer
you spend on the site (mainly in the video clip
sections) the more bogged down it gets. For example
at the beginning of the visit to the site, everything
flys in very quickly and nicely. After playing a few
clips it takes a few seconds for the page to
completely change from one to the next.

Another thing is that when I cick on a video to load
or stream, it only plays the sound automatically as
it is loading with just the black showing w/ the text.
If I hit pause and then play the video comes up.
This is not on all but more than half of the clips and
good be the way I am compressing them.

One other thing that happens is that they just won’t
load anymore and the part where the seconds, and
frames are that show you how much has been loading,
says just NN:NN:NN:NN."

I would really appreciate it if some of you with Macs and windows (you’ll need broadband) could take a look at the site and tell me if you are experiencing any problems with the site playback in general (jerkiness) and also with the video clips. Go to the “REEL” menu and then select “broadcast” Mousing over the thumbnails should change the video clips and clicking the play button should start and stop them. They have chosen 450kbs on teh clips so even at 256k you will have to wait a little for them to load. The second time through they are cached and should play awithout pausing and (hopefully) without being choppy.

I can’t find anything on the net that addresses flv playback problems on the mac, nor have I found much on swf playback on the mac for mx2004, at least in terms of problems.



Anyone? Please?;(

does the mac browser have the latest flash player 7? if not you will get the symptoms you have pointed out.

off topic: I noticed that the text is kinda blurry, fix it by putting the textfield on a whole integer pixel…

I don’t have any of the problems you mentioned (IE6)

What I find strange is that the clips are just opened in quicktime so there shouldn’t be any problems.
You may have a loop that keeps having to process more and more variables, that might be the reason it slows down if your on the site for a long time for some users.

It seems to work pretty smooth in Safari on my G4 (10.3.4). I’ll try the Powerbook later… I guess it takes a while for the 13 mb video file to load.