[mx 2004 pro]scaling problem

I’ve got a empty movie clip(empmov) in which I load an image. This empty movie clip belong to another movie clip(movie1).

When I try to scale from the timeline using tweening, I can determine the center of the scale process and the movie clip(movie1)scaled as I wish but the empty movie clip is not effect by the scaling effect…!!!.
I thought that the child inherit the behaviour of the parent but It doesn not…!!!.

I tried to do the same using action script with the _xscale and _yscale function and with interval, both of the movies scaled but as they scale they move in direction of the registration point (0,0)…things that not happens from timeline with tweening. I have tried to compensate (is that english…???..)the movement adding stuff like _x+10 or y+10 but It is not work very clean…and it’s crap programation.

I don’t want to move the registration point because it change all of precedant effect.
Someone can help me ?
the web site in progress is here :
(click on the empty square)…when an iamge get close it moves on the left due to the registration pbl.