[MX 2004] Problems with feeding flash movie from database

i am working on a flash portfolio that is supposed to be fed from a MySQL database. Until early today everything worked just fine, but then i had to change the structure of my database. initially i had just 2 tables, news and work… now i added links, photo, digital etc, and dropped work…
and it just doesn’t work anymore… it’s strange as i did nothing to the news section for example…

i have included the fla, the php scripts that send the XML to flash as well as a query of my database in the following zip archive…

Please take a look and explain me what is the problem… i think just one example would be enough for me to take over from there…
thanks a lot

i solved part of the problem…
i had a wrong path for the php script that fed the XML to flash…
but i still can’t get the photos loaded through photoq.php
flash gets the XML correctly, but for some reason the images are not being loaded

ok… i simplified the problem…
i have included below the php script that gets the data from my database and the AS that should get the XML… i know the first one works, the problem must be in the second one, but i can’t figur it out…

 $conn = @mysql_connect($host,$user,$password) or die("Could not connect to database.");
// select the database
mysql_select_db($database,$conn) or die("Could not find database $database");
//same thing
  $photo_q = "SELECT * FROM `photo` ORDER BY `id` DESC";
  $photo = mysql_query($photo_q,$conn) or die("photo data not found");

// also using a variable for the output
  $xml_output .= "<main>
  // News Section
  $xml_output .= "	<photo>

// same thing
  for($i=0 ; $i < mysql_num_rows($photo) ; $i++){
      $row = mysql_fetch_assoc($photo);
      $row['picture'] = urlencode($row['picture']);
      $xml_output .= "		<entry>
      $xml_output .= "			<picture>".$row['picture']."</picture>
      $xml_output .= "		</entry>
  $xml_output .= "	</photo>
  $xml_output .= "</main>
//output variable
  echo $xml_output;

this is the php… i just included it so you can see the structure of my photo table…

main = new XML();
main.ignoreWhite = true;
main.onLoad = function(ok) {
	if (ok) {
		var photoSection = this.firstChild.childNodes[0];
		var photoEntries = photoSection.childNodes.length;
//generator de butoane
for(j=photoEntries-1;j>=0; j--){
var mc = copyButton.duplicateMovieClip("copy"+j,j+10);
if (posit>=5) {posit=0}
mc._x =(posit*20);
if (posit==0) {positi+=30} 
mc._y =(positi);
mc.id = photoSection.childNodes[j].childNodes[0].firstChild;
mc.onRelease = function(){
		this.onEnterFrame = function() {_level0.photo.loading.loader._visible=true; _level0.photo.loading.loader=(lwLogo.getBytesLoaded()/lwLogo.getBytesTotal()*100)+"%";
				if (lwLogo.getBytesLoaded() == lwLogo.getBytesTotal()) {_level0.photo.loading.loader._visible=false;
				this.onEnterFrame = function() {lwLogo._x=-(353 +lwLogo._width/2);
				topline._y=lwLogo._y-2; topline._x=lwLogo._x-2; topline._width=lwLogo._width+4; topline._height=lwLogo._height+4;
				if (lwLogo._alpha<=100) {
					lwLogo._alpha += 10;

and this is most of my AS… it creates a XML, some variables, then duplicates a button as many times as there are records in the table… the buttons are supposed to load the photos from my database and that is what doesn’t work…

would someone please take a look?