[MX] character spacing dynamic text

hello there again,

character spacing on dynamic text is greyed out, is there any way to fix this with AS or is there any other workaround?


nope, not unless you add spaces :-\

thanks for the response senocular,

yeah strange restrictions, in the meantime i have taken the font and increased the width spacing of the numbers in fontographer, a quick fix in less than a minute, whatever works (it was for a counter)

i can’t help much in this forum… so if someone reading this wants a font fix in fontographer, contact meisje :slight_smile:

To save you the trouble, there are some really good Font companies out there making fonts SPECIFICALLY for Flash. A lot of these fonts have pre-built kerning in them (a big bonus when dealing with Dynamic text). One example is a font from Miniml.com. It is called COPY and all of the variations of this font comes with a standard kerning as well as a more spaced kerning table. Check them out.



hey nice links here with nice bitmappy fonts… but at minil.com it reads “to downloads fonts you must first purchase an access pass” and sometimes one needs just regular fonts like helvetica, courier, whatever… just wanna say, “if so, feel free to contact me” :slight_smile: