[MX] Dynamic Photo Gallery NEED HELP! ASAP

I have moderate actionscript knowledge, but this is beyond me…

This is what I would like to do with the actionscript…

I want to be able to load an external text file that has image paths, descriptions into a mc.

I would like to be able to load images dynamically into a mouse controlled horizontal scrolling mc, which loads the thumbnail images periodically… while reducing the viewing time.

When the user has the mouse over the thumbnail image a dynamic text box will display vars that are set in the text file. When the user clicks on the thumbnail image i want a fade transition to load the larger images that are located in another directory.

I would appreciate any help…

If i have left out anything feel free to email me,
[email protected]

Got to this site http://www.flashcomponents.net/ and look at the thumbnail gallery. It has a vertical scroll and the pictures do not fade in or out, but it should adaptable/customizable to your needs