[MX] gotoandStop ("framelabel")?

It sounds simple!
Can I jump to a frame using the frame label?
Like this:

_root.C.inicio.onRelease = function() {
	_root.content.gotoAndStop("inicio"); // this code line?



yes. i should work. why dont you try it?

I tyied but it didnt work!!!
What might be wrong?

i tried the following and it worked:

on (release) {

But its a movieclip attached to another movieclip! Ill check that!


I still cant make this work! :frowning:

on(release) {
// loadMovie e goto frame 2.

It does not work even if I use frame label!
What is happening?! Help me!!

You can’t manipulate the movie until it is fully loaded.

I`m working on a cdrom project.
It loads the file.swf in a quick, thats why I thought it should work!!!
Can you think of something?


It loads it quick, but it doesn’t load it at the exact same time the loadMovie() command is called.

What you could do is set a variable to hold what frame label to play. Then in frame 1 of the movie you are loading have the gotoAndPlay in there and target the variable that holds the frame label.

Can u help me with that and give an example?!


[AS]on (release){
_root.playLabel = “frameLabelToPlay”;

Frame 1 of loaded movie:


Its working fine!!! The frame that is labed is the frame 2 in every swf loaded. Its like a book, and frame 1 is the index.
So in frame 2 I had to use the following code otherwise I could not go to frame 1.

 _root.playLabel = ""; 


No problem, glad you got it working :slight_smile: