(MX) How did they do this navigation!?

Good Afternoon Flash Masters,

I have been trying to build a navigation that has a rollout animation but functioning internal buttons. This navigation uses the theory I’m trying to recreate, it seems simple enough but I can’t figure it out for the life of me!


I tried this variable, but it renders the internal buttons undetectable and is very unstable midanimation (if you rollover it while in transit, the button goes crazy):

var menuUp = false;
navigation.onrollover = function()
if( menuUp == false )
navigation.animatedmenu.gotoAndPlay( “up” );
menuUp = true;
navigation.onrollout = function()
navigation.animatedmenu.gotoAndPlay( “down” );
menuUp = false;

Any ideas would be hugely appreciated, this has been driving me crazy for about a week now and I don’t have any more hair left to pull out! :puzzled: