[MX] How do I preload multiple .swfs in RANDOM order?

I’ve got a Flash file that displays a series of .swfs one after the other and I’m trying to figure out how to encorporate a preloader into this script that takes into account the fact that I’m randomly selecting which of those .swfs to display first.

Here’s what the attached script does so far:

  1. Call external XML file and put .swf path names into an array.
  2. Randomly select one of those .swfs to display first.
  3. Once that .swf movie has played through (each one is about 6 seconds long) --OR-- if the “next” button is clicked, load the next .swf file.
  4. When we’ve reached the last .swf file in the list, start back at the beginning of the list.

I have looked at a BUNCH of preloader scripts but just haven’t grasped actionscript enough to know how to encorporate them into my file.

Thanks in advance.