[mx] how do you get frame label's number?


I would like to use a conditional to determine if my location is before or after a frame.

However, to make it portable I would like to base it on the label name.


if (_currentframe < “p2”)

however, “p2” is the label of a frame.

So how do I get the frame number from the frame label?

I am making something that when it detects a click, jumps to the next point in the movie. These P1,P2, etc. will be distributed
through the movie.

Does this sound like the best idea?

‘if jump detected’{

if (_currentframe < “p2”){
} ELSE IF (_currentframe < “p3”) {

I guess the problem with this is what if the one of the movies isn’t as long and doesn’t have a “p4” location for example.

Probably I can handle this case when I am setting up the variables that contain the frame number of “p2”, “p3”, etc… checking agains the max number of frames. Yep.