MX: How to avoid clustered data fragments from overflowing the cache..?

Yea- that’s what I am currently struggling with.

Hello, by the way :slight_smile:

I have an application that loads XML files, processes them into arrays and shows the formatted content on screen. It refreshes / reloads this data once every 90 seconds and after about 20 minutes of running, it gets noticably slow.

Now my question is, what can be done to make sure that no fragments or traces of old data are at risk to clog up the cache? I always use the same arrays and array names, I even re-create the arrays (arrayname = []) at reload so they should get re-set by that, as far as I know?

This is the link, by the way:
Just click on one of the Game Links at the top (e.g.: “Arm. Bielefeld 0:2 M’gladbach”) and let it run while you do something else. When you come back to it after about 15 - 25 minutes, it’s creepingly slow.

This is not an attempt to generate clicks or something- if you want, you can also use this link, it’s just the actual swf: ** **(the embedded swf is the same in both links).

So- if you know any way to actually empty the cache on runtime thoroughly, I’d be eternally greatful for suggestions :smiley:

Thanks! ^^