[MX] loop function problem

Hi. I have a function that loops inside a movieclip with 7 btns that tells what collor the last hit btn should be and what collor the rest should look like. The problem is that after I hit one btn, I cant make the object btn function as a btn, with the rollover and others btn frame properties.
Here is the function:

// define a funcao mA2click (menu A)
function mA1click() {
	for (var a=1; a<8; a++) {
		var btn = _root.mA1["A1"+a];
		if (btn == this) {
			hitColor = new Color(this);
			clickSound = new Sound(btn);
			clickSound.start(0, 3);
			this.enabled = false;
		} else {
			normalColor = new Color(_root.mA1["A1"+a]);
			_root.mA1["A1"+a].enabled = true;
			_root.mA1["A1"+a].onRollOver = _root.mouseOver(this);
	for (var a=1; a<8; a++) {
		_root.mA1["A1"+a].onRelease = mA1click;

Returning to the function on the top of this page, how can I reset all the buttons to their original color on a release action?