{MX} Moving with ActionScript

You will have to bear with me on this one I’m afraid, it’s difficult to explain, but I’ve attached an .fla file to make it a bit clearer.

I have put some script into a movie (I’ll call this MOVIE A) which moves some copy along the stage. I have then put this into another movie (MOVIE B) which subsequently is added to the main stage (MOVIE C).

The script in MOVIE A works fine when added to MOVIE C, but when I put it into MOVIE B, then C, it is in the wrong position.

I have tried to correct the script, but I’m a total beginner and haven’t yet got my head around how to go about it. I think it’s to do with the paths in the script, but then I’m probably wrong.

If someone would kindly take a look at the script, you will see in preview mode that the copy is too much over to the right hand side - I want it to go along the white line over to the left.

Hope it makes sense and thanks for any help.

If yo show me te scrip, i mit be able to help

would Movie A be the main stage by any chance? I ask because the coordinates on the main stage are different from movie clips, which may be the cause of your problem. on the main stage, coord (0,0) is at the upper left corner of the stage, whereas in a movieclip, it is the center of the movie. so say you wanted to center an object on the main stage, you’d set it at coordinates (275, 200) assuming default movie size. if you wanted to center something in a movieclip, it would have to be (0,0). i don’t want to go on because this may not be your problem. but please repost your fla so i can have a look at it. it doesn’t appear to be in your original post.

Sorry, I must have deleted the attachment by accident.

Here it is again.