[MX] Need rollover drop down menu help

Hi all, I’ve been learning from Kirupa for a while now but this is the first question I’ve posted…

Just need some help with my rollover drop down menu. I created this menu using the tutorialized.com tutorial about flyout menus and on first glance (check the.swf file) it seems to work fine. The problem is though, that when I move from one menu to the other quickly both menus appear and stay visible. I do not want this to happen…for some reason the onrollOver function doesn’t seem to work so accurately…is there some way to make it more accurate? If you take a look at this site: www.unigym.unsw.edu.au it is the type of menu that I really want to create. If you move across menu no matter how fast, the menus will never double up.

If anyone can help me out or point me to a tutorial online or in a book that can tell me what I need to know it’d be greatly appreciated!
thanks in advance