[MX] onClipEvent(data): Opiate of the masses?


I’m having an odd issue with this onClipEvent friend…

In the main timeline, I set a variable like so:

[AS] loadingFlag = false;[/AS]

And that is fine…

Then later, in a movie clip where I load an image, I say

[AS] _root.loadingFlag = true;
trace("LOADING FLAG IS: "+_root.loadingFlag;[/AS]

And when it occurs, I get back LOADING FLAG IS: true, and that’s fine too.

Then, on the object I have the image loading into, I have the following:

trace("** IMAGE IS LOADED “);
_root.loadingFlag = false;
IMAGE LOADING FLAG IS: "+_root.loadingFlag);

And indeed, when the image loads, I get the trace statements, BUT though it traces, it does not redefine loadingFlag!

also, the second trace statement comes up as IMAGE LOADING FLAG IS: with no value afterwards…

Is there something with onClipEvent(data) where even though it’s attached to a nested movieclip, it doesn’t refer to the _root?

Suggestions, comments, all are welcome!


lrhb :hat: