[MX] popup from exe

I’m trying to open a centered popup from a executable presentation. I’m using javascript but it opens a bigger window behind the running presentation! Is it possible to do that? the presentation is fullscreen! thanks!

Hey everybody! Let me explain this in a better way.
I have a fullscreen exe presentation. I need to open a pre-defined (450x450 pixels) internet explorer window over this presentation. Is it possible to do this without using javascript commands? The problem it that the flash action “getURL” opens a blank window with the javascript that opens the final window (450x450 pixels). At last, the final window calls a javascript command to close the blank one, but first it shows a message to confirm if the user wants to close it. This is so boring to navigate!!! Does someone knows some trick in actionscript to do open the final window? Dont forget I’m talking about a fullscreen exe presentation!!!