[MX] Problems after trapping F10


I am using Flash to produce a simulation of a DOS system that uses the keyboard to do lots of stuff.

At one point I have to get the sim to react to an F10 key press. So I use the following code as a frame action:

_root.onEnterFrame = function() {
if (key.isDown(121)) {

And this works.

However, after this, I need to trap some cursor key movement and that is where it’s all going a bit pear shaped.

F10 seems to also be trapped by the browser (Internet Explorer 6) so Up, Down, Left and Right all start to open and navigate around the I.E. menus rather than being trapped by Flash.

Any thoughts?


John :slight_smile:

Don’t use F10.

:cyclops: hmm, not using F10 is not really an option - I am simulating software that uses it. It’s DOS based and makes use of all the F keys.

F10 is the one I’m having trouble with right now - I can’t wait til I need to simulate F1!!

I guess an answer would be to create a virtual keyboard on-screen with pictures of each F key, but I’d rather do it all from the real keyboard if possible.

Anyone else out there got any better ideas/ways of disabling the F10 key so that the browser doesn’t grab it but Flash does?


John :q:

I don’t think you’ll find a way, the microsoft stuff is too high up in the systems pecking order; at work we use some interfaces embedded in html (java-backend stuff…), one of the apps used the f1 key, now that it’s browser embedded, we changed the key to F9 coz the MS help couldn’t be deactivated and poped up every time.
Thus my suggestion… (bad) experience…

Thanks, I’m starting to arrive at the same conclusion!!!


John :-\