[MX] relatively extensive Actionscript slows down the SWF with time..?

Whuzup, ma’ h0mi3Gd0ggs’nBytsh0rxZ?!!1


I mean… hello :ne: Too much coffee. I apologize.

Okay- I have an FLA-file that has roughly 2500 lines of AS functions and loops in it that call each other, etc… not too much of a big thing- well- it is to me, it’s my first serious shot at flash… but that’s not the subject of this post.

The problem is, it’s a “match center” for people to open and keep looking at, for the duration of a whole soccer game (90 minutes).

The problem is, I have a refresh timer in there that reloads a few xml files and refills a few arrays once a minute and it gets really sluggish with time.

I reset the arrays, fill them anew (no adding to existing arrays) and I also already cut down on which arrays get refilled, which functions are triggered again and which ones aren’t, etc… but still, it gets really uncomfortably slow…

I guess it’s kind of… impractical(?) to ask you guys if you have an idea what it could be- since I can’t post the file here at the moment… but has one of you made similar experiences in the past? Is it maybe not all my fault but partially also flash being overstrained?

Is there a way to measure how much reserves flash is using internally, on runtime (except from the windows task manager?)

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