[MX] Those pesky Shared Objects

Hello all!

Here is my situnario:

I am trying to pass some variables from one movie to another… I wish for them to act like a well coordinated quarterback and receiver and score a touchdown, but I think instead they have both decided to play Mechagodzilla and lay to waste all that is before them.

The user inputs some information, and it is saved to a shared object. My code goes something like this:

The Quarterback:
mySOL = SharedObject.getLocal(“solData”, “/beFriends”);
mySOL.data.searchType = searchType;
mySOL.data.zip = zip;
mySOL.data.city = city;
mySOL.data.state = state;

The Receiver:
function openCookie() {
mySOL = SharedObject.getLocal(“solData”, “/beFriends”);
state = mySOL.data.state;
city = mySOL.data.city;
zip = mySOL.data.zip;

The result of my trace statements are as follows: undefined, undefined, undefined. for those who don’t know, in Japanese, ‘undefined’ means ‘buildings laid to waste my angry super monster’ which is how I know they are playing Mechagodzilla.

Your advice is welcomed with open arms!

Thanks in advanced,

lrhb :hat: