[mx] unloading

My movie won’t unload.

In my flash I have all my buttons loading their .swfs to level 1. The main pic that loads when the site first opens is on level 7. I have the following code:

____________________________ code:

on (release) { 
createEmptyMovieClip("box", 1);
box._x = 25;
box._y = 180;
on (releaseOutside) {

and this is the main swf’s code

onClipEvent (load) {
	loadMovieNum("opener.swf", 7);

___________________________ : ec

So it creates the ‘box’ for the mc for the button and then when the user clicks a second button the original movie on lvl 1 unloads. But my main swf which is on lvl 7 does not unload… does anyone know why?

:love: ~Seretha (confused)

hmmmm… so no one has experienced this before? (…sneeks in a bump)

:love: ~Seretha


invoked when the mouse is released while the pointer is outside the button after the button is pressed while the pointer is inside the button