MX vcr video library

is there a way to be able to drag video tape graphics, into a vcr graphic, and have it set of a video to play?

You mean an interface where you’ve got some graphics of videa cassettes that you can drag and drop onto a graphic of a video player, then play an appropriae video?

Because if that’s the case, then yes, it’s possible. All you’d need to do is make a button inside a movie clip for each of the cassettes, then place them on the stage. Apply a drag and drop code to each of them, and use the _droptarget property to work out whether they have been dropped on the video player. Then you just run a quick check to work out which clip to play and you’re away.

I’ve got a drag and drop .fla file somewhere if you want to see more of the code.

that would be great to see because i am not the smartest flasher

OK, I’ve attached a zip file to this post.

It doesn’t quite do what you’re after doing, but the basic code principles of how to drag and drop and run a check are all there. Pull it to pieces basically and see how it works. Any questions give me a yell. :slight_smile: