[mx04] attachMovie button help

I have one movieclip button( “bt”) that when pressed brings up another movieclip (“cont_btn”) (using attachMovie) that i would like to give button properties to- but for some reason it’s not working, any ideas?
here is the code I’m trying and isn’t working-

 wind1.bt.onPress = function(){ 
 thisRoot.attachMovie("contactMC_btn","cont_btn", thisRoot.getNextHighestDepth());
cont_btn._x = 167;
cont_btn._y = 258;
cont_btn._rotation = -15;


 thisRoot.cont_btn.onRelease = function(){
     trace("it works");

it attaches the movie fine, but whe you click the “cont_btn” it does nothing, as well as it doesn’t show the little hand cursor either.
What the eventual goal is, is to be able to click another mcbutton and replace the cont_btn with a new button, but have them in the same exact spot. Is it my target path?