[mx04] Can I do this w/actionscript only?

I have a menu I’m trying to make, and it’s in the shape of a windmill. I’ve got the rotation set up like I want and that’s working fine, but because it’s suppost to look as if it’s at an agle, it doesn’t look right while it is rotating.
<a href=“http://img41.imageshack.us/my.php?image=windmill1md0.swf&tc=img41/9800/p42000921zg.jpg”>Here is the swf</a>
I have it set up like this:
I have it as a moveclip called wind1, on the stage with the instance name full_wind.
Inside the wind1 movieclip are the 4 fanblade movie clips called blade_1, blade_2, blade_3 and blade_4.
There is also text in the blade_1 movie clip, and ther will be on each of the blades eventually.
frame 1 of the main movie has the rotation actionscript on it.

So what I’d like to do is this,
as the blades rotate, I’d like them to shrink or stretch as the reach a certain position in there rotation cycle so as to add a bit of perspective to it. when the blades reach the top right and bottom left position they need to shrink a bit, and when they reach the top left and bottom right they need to stretch back, but smoothly.
I’m not sure if I should be using hittest or _scale here.
I’d like to do this with actionscript if possible, I don’t like the result of frame by frame animation for this.
I’m learning actionscript, so alot this doesnt make sense to me.