[MX04] Resizing mc WITHOUT xscale

Hi there,

I’m having a problem which is very well known I think.
I’m having a buch of pictures of different height and width, which have to be loaded into different movieclips, and resized to 'bout 100px * 100px (so they’re all the same size ~> thumbnails)

The problem width xscale and yscale, is that you have to specify the amount the movieclip/image resizes, in percentages instead of in pixels.

So my question, is there ANY way you can resize a dynamically loaded JPEG to EXACTLY 100*100 pixels ???

Here’s my code (which doesn’t work):

movieMain.thumbsHolder.createEmptyMovieClip("afbeelding" + j, j);
imageHolder = movieMain.thumbsHolder["afbeelding" + j];	 imageHolder.loadMovie(path);
imageHolder._y = j * 200;
imageHolder._height = 100;
imageHolder._width = 100;