[MX04PRO] XMLConnector component access

I have an XMLConnector component instance that is communicating fine with the external XML file from which it is reading the data. The XML file is structured like so:

 <category id="0">
  <name>Category 0's name</name>
 <category id="1">
  <!-- and it's name and value -->
 <!-- and so on...  -->

So the XMLConnector (named “xcData” let’s say) has a schema that looks like:

-> params:XML
<-> results:XML
 - <-> data:Object
 - <-> category:Array
 - <-> [n]:Object
 -  -  <-> name:String
 -  -  <-> value:Number

Now that you’ve got a general idea of what I’m working with, I’ll move onto what I want to do with it. Let’s say when the 1st frame (which has the XMLConnector on it) loads, we want to calculate the sum of all the values from the XML categories. It seems like an easy concept, but I can’t figure out how to traverse through the array of objects without user intervention.

I appreciate any help offered.