[MX2004] Adding elements to array

When I simply add an element (jpeg) to an array it wont show when previewing, even though it gets traced.

Here’s the deal:

this.pathToPeople = "images/photo/people/";
this.peopleArray = ["1_people.jpg", "bas1.jpg", "2_people.jpg", "3_people.jpg", "4_people.jpg", ];
for (var i=0; i <peopleArray.length; i++) {

It’s for my portfolio, and I wanted to update the photosection by adding “bas1.jpg” at index 1. So now when I preview it, bas1.jpg wont show up. (when browsing through the slideshow)

I also tried .splice() method, but even that wouldnt work. image wont show up. What am i doing wrong here?