[mx2004] limiting a rewind call on the timeline

I am using the following code to perform a rewind on the timeline when a button is pressed:
** On the REWIND button:**

    rewState = true;
onClipEvent(load) {
    rewFrames = 1;

onClipEvent(enterFrame) {
    if(rewState) {
        _root.emptyMCcontainer.gotoAndStop(_root.emptyMCcontainer._currentframe - rewFrames);
    } else {

On the PLAY button:
on (release) {
_root.emptyMCcontainer.rewind_mc.rewState = false;

emptyMCcontainer is the current movie this is taking place in
rewind_mc is the rewind button

My question is, can I limit the rewind feature to just 12 frames at a time? Right now it rewinds back to the beginning, totally skipping all the stop(); commands on the timeline. I’ve tried for, do, and while loops in various places (one nearly froze my computer up!) with no luck. I’m pretty sure this is a simple thing, but I can’t figure it out.

I’ve added the following to the code so the user can at least stop the rewinding:

    rewState = true;
    rewState = false;

but the thing moves forward in 12frame intervals. It is wierd having it move in reverse freely like this. So I am still looking for a way to get it to move the timeline backwards in 12 frame intervals…