[MX2004] progressbar and loader components

This is wierd.
My AS for frame 1:

loader.autoLoad = false;
loader.contentPath = “anmalning.swf”;
pBar.source = _root.loader;
pBar.complete = function() {
this._visible = false;

now, it works when I run it on my computer, but when I upload it to my webserver, the progressbar doesn’t move and it doesn’t disapper after the swf is loaded either.
The two swf’s is in the same catalog, both on my computer and on the webserver…

What is wrong?
Help appreciated…

did this ever get solved? i’m experiencing similar issues. everything works fine locally but when i upload everything it breaks. by breaks, i mean, my progressbar shows up, but just sits there… eventually, my image pops in and my on(complete) function executes (making the progressbar invisible and revealing the newly loaded image). so essentially, it’s as though it were working, just that the progressbar shows no progress. ;(

I don’t know, I don’t think it did… I haven’t used that progressbar since (cause I can’t get it to work) so I dunno…

will it kill u if u try to link it to a http link rather than a locak link…:upset:
just give a try…