[mx2004] target path woes

Hi all, im new to kirupa and new to actionscript - “Hi”:slight_smile:

im attempting to build my first site in flash, and it was all going ok till i decided to get clever!

I did have snippets of a.s everywhere, but have been trying to move it all back to frame1 on the main timeline (issat best practice?)

the problem im having is that a simple piece of code on a nav button just wont work.

when the code was within the same movie as the button it was easy:

btnWelcome.onRelease = function(){
trace (“clicked”)

this works fine. however, when i move the code down 2 levels to the main timeline i put in this:

_root.mcActionIntro.mcWelcome.btnWelcome.onRelease = function(){
trace (“heelp me!”)

it just wont work - ive tried moving the code up one level - into mcActionIntro and it works (with shorter target path of course - mcWelcome.btnWelcome.)…

Ive tried using the targeting tool thingy to target it and it confirms my path as being correct…

what the hell am i missing??

pleeeeease tell me where im getting it wrong? ta.