My 1st flash site - early critique!

Hi to all, I hope Christmas and New Years was great for everybody, I’ve been away on a wee break so it’s good to be back, all refreshed!

I’m a Graphic Designer with some knowledge of flash & I’ve been asked to build a site for someone. To practice I copied a site he liked, which I’m doing in my spare time - I want to get something to the employer soon so he can see my progress.

Please read below and see what I’ve done in the folder - and any suggestions or critique is most welcome! Thanks!

Since I started this project, I’ve learned how to create a few techniques found on the website - ie a photoreel, a scroll text box & a image grid (you’ll see what I mean if you download my attached folder).

So now I’m going to try and link the site together. I’ve created a new fla for the site (ians_boffi_site.fla) and have set up the buttons and their actions to jump to the individual pages.

I’ve taken the content off the main timeline (as suggested) and put it all in a movie clip called ‘site’.

I’ve embedded the sample SWFs I’d previously made onto the certain pages; the collections page, the dealers page and profile page. Someone told me to make movie clips on each page but I thought seeing I’d created the practice SWFs already I’d just place them in on the particular frame, in this case.

You can move around the site quite nicely and I’m pleased with that.

However, the embedded (not loaded) SWFs do not actually function in the correct way (If you click on the swfs in my folder you see they work) so does anyone know why this is? The photoreel just plays through without allowing you to use the ‘next’ button I built. And the other 2 swfs appear as graphics in the library and not movies so they are just static images.

Is there a major issue with this type of SWF placement I don’t know about. Maybe I’m better off loading in the SWFs externally?

I’d appreciate any help or suggestions on any aspect of what I have here…


Many thanks once again to you all for you help so far!