My amateur site...any good ideas?

Hello to whoever is reading this:

Basically what i’m looking for is for some good design assistance. As you will notice, I am a newbie, and I can’t come up with a good idea for a very catchy intro page. Does anyone have any good ideas? I’m looking for something that might be able to deal with liquid, or Greece. Basically I got the name for this site, having in mind the beaches from Greece. Can anyone help me with this?

As well, can anyone think of a nice template type that I will be able to use for my “magazines” section as well as the “radio” section? Something where people will click, and it will look neat?

Please, whatever you can think of let me know. I’m open to anything! I truly appreciate your help! <~ this is the site!

Thank you very much!!!

[EDIT by lostinbeta: Corrected URL, originally had greekliqid]

That is pretty good for a newbie.

The floating letters in the background can be distracting. Also your magazine buttons (The abc-yz# ones) are jumpy.

What I suggest doing to fix the buttons are to go into the button so it is editable. Create a new layer and drag it below the one with your text. Draw a rectangle in the bottom layer in the “Hit” state of the button. Leave all the other states blank in this layer. This will create an invisible button behind your text so it isn’t jumpy. You can do that same with the plus sign buttons in your radio section.:slight_smile:


thank you very much for those ideas, any ideas for the entry page?

You mean like a “Splash” page (a page that contains an enter button)?

If so a simple logo with site requirements usually suffices. A splash page shouldn’t take too long to load (usually) so try not to overload it with graphics.

I like your design. The logo at the top-left corner is a little low quality compared to your other GREAT work. Thats the only thing I think you gotta change.

                                                      - I]r. Mike

one of my designs is attached, but contains NO Interactive objects, I am still TOTALLY working on it. I made this simple outline in about 10 min,