My Audio Blog

Hello all, i dont know if this is completely stupid or not but i started an Audio blog. I’m trying to find my creative outlet. And as it seems pretty stupid at first im hoping my audio blogging will get better.

check it out…

Listen to the Audio Blog 2, the first one was an expirement i did when i was tired and it sucks hehe =)


edit: are you the 1st doing the audio blog thing. lol if ya are is this allowed for other people to do this or do you hold the copy rights to audio bloggin :rabbit:

lol im not the first =) you like it?

hehe that’s awesome :thumb:

That’s cool man :slight_smile:

Hate to throw my 2 cents in… but :lol:

It would be even cooler if you would stream the audio straight from the website instead of having to download it :wink:

But cool :slight_smile:

i was able to stream it. since i use quicktime (no i cant spell)

edit: for got to tell ya. i LOVE it. give me a shout out next audio blog post ya make.hahah

YAY! The full raydred effect! Definitely has more of an effect with your vocal stylings than just text.

lol. this is great. i have never seen something like this before.


ROFL thats fluxing great lolololloll

I am planning on making a flash site where you can stream it =) Im glad you guys enjoy it im hoping to keep it up =)

Yeah, you’re definitely too good for text :stuck_out_tongue:

Very cool Dred! Blogger has something where you can call into your blog which i thought was cool too, but i hate Blogger.

This is easily the best quality AB i have seen!

nice :), the only blog I haven’t left in less then 20 seconds…cheers :beer:

very cool! and yeah, I saw it first on blogger :frowning:

but very nice job on it :smiley:

Hehe thanks im glad You enjoyed it. =)

Its ok if im not the first , at least im entertaining hehe =)

it’s awesome!

It’s kinda quiet though, i had to turn my speakers way up. (On the first one)

Listens to blogs while surfs the web

This is really awesome!

EDIT: ROFL DATING CRAZY GIRLS :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
EDIT AGAIN: Finally, I hear one of your voices… Wow, you really are good!

Oh man, this is funny!!!

Haha very cool never seen an audio blog before I think it adds alot more to the experience. I have to say this is one of the few blogs I actually even bothered to follow.

Hey guys,
Im planning on creating another audio blog later tonight so look for it really late (or tomarrow morning). I think i’ll do it 3 times a week hehe =) yay

wow, you totally need to do college radio… i dont mean that as an insult but seriously man, college radio is fun, and you do better than most people I hear… honestly I don’t know what I meant by that, all I know is that I will probably get in trouble for downloading an MP3 at work.

hehe well soon i’ll have it loading into a flash interface =) so you wont need to download it if you dont want =)