My birthday wish!

alright I know its not nice to beg/ask someone for something/anything but this one is something I really really want for my birthday! (today)

okay, my friend has a halo 2 site and he needs a flash countdown timer for when halo 2 comes out… (November 9th, 2004) Can someone please please please make a simple countdown timer in flash to put up on his site? It would mean the world to me as he keeps bugging me on when im going to get finished with it myself… and the truth is I can’t… :(. I really tried but I just can’t… :upset:

I will be on aim for a while to talk to anyone that would like to help me… my AIM name is ‘nottoday718’ or ‘kenshin unknown’

-Kenshin (please help me… im pathetic…)

Ok well I dont know how to make a countdown timer but maybe ther is a free one at

sorry, cant help you, but its my birthday on the 20th! hehe :slight_smile:

You could always make your own: :pa:

I know I tried that but its too dificult for me…:frowning: do you think you can talk to me on AIM and err dumb it down a bit’? lol


That tutorial is fairly simple. If you don’t want to use the images, simply skip over all the parts that talk about using an image. You can easily modify that tutorial to use only regular text :stuck_out_tongue:

(I don’t like giving Flash help via AIM :evil: )

Aaw comon’ what kirupa provided is what you want; on a silver plate… If you ever want to learn flash… do so now !

oh sweet man! that would be awesome! ok, i’ll look into using regular text thank you kirupa!

-Kenshin :smiley:

haha here you go :thumb:

took me about a minute finding the date and changing it

Happy birthday =)

:D! thank you so much! that means alot to me, it really does. Here, take a look, I (stupidly) found out how to edit the pictures withought downloading the photoshop file… I have photoshop but it confuses me! so I altered them and this is the final result

Thank you everybody, this is an excellent present!

:smiley: kenshin

you are welcome! =)