My button disappears

In the first frame I have a blue button and a url to a site.

In the second frame I have green button and told the button to go to the first frame. Where in the first frame I have the visibility of the blue button and not the green.

So when I test my movie out. I get the blue button I click on the blue button get the url and momentarily see a flicker of the green button in frame 2 because I told the button to go back to frame 1 where the green button doesn’t show.

I want the person to keep clicking on the window that opens up in the first window. I don’t want them to go back and press on the button to bring up the window. I thought if they click on the first window of the url then the function gets passed. I guessed right now I just get a flicker when I press on the green button because I set the visibility of the green button false in the first frame of the movie.

How do I fix this the first window is to a search engine site. I can’t bring up another url to a window because the search is based on input from the first urL?

Unless I upload the html file to my flash program. Can I upload an html file to a flash program and script it so the second button receives the output from the first, and the third the output of the second button?

i guess the reason you did not get any replys yet is because no one understood what u meant :slight_smile: . the problem seams to be easier than you think but i still don’t understand it completely, i think you don’t need html or any thing just a fiew variables would solve ur problem. i suggest you eather explain ur problem clearly, or post ur fla, and i will take a look at it and try to fix the problem.

good luck

I hope you understand. I’ll try and write clearer, Let’s see.
I have a window to the first button that loads in my mainframe.
I have no url for the mainframe. Its from searchengine. Not Yahoo. Not Google. Just an affiliate site.

I want to get my 08cents. But I need someway to get a mouseover on the page that loads that I don’t have a url for.

Okay my url which is the only thing I have a url for which is in the leftframe with my searchbox loads in my mainframe with a new window. I dont have a url for this new window that loads in the mainframe. I just need someway to call a new button when someone on the new window that is in my mainframe. Now. I am burning my fingers typing. Because I know I am not yelling but trying to type clear. I guess forever because you are not going to make me scream in type. And I know I speak clear. I feel like some Swiss climber trying to get the top of the snow covered mountain peak. Yadaloohha_a_