My Class wont fire events :(

Hi all:

I have written a class which makes a grid outta a movieclip in the library. I try to fire a “onGridCreated” event but it wont work. Any Ideas? Here’s my class:

class com.reynaldo.Grid extends MovieClip {
    public var addEventListener:Function;
    public var removeEventListener:Function;
    public var dispatchEvent:Function;
    private var depth:Number;
    private var gridWidth:Number;
    private var gridHeight:Number;
    private var _container:MovieClip;
    private var _gridItem:String;
    private var _columns:Number;
    private var _rows:Number;
    private var _colSpace:Number;
    private var _rowSpace:Number;
    private var _cont:MovieClip
    function Grid(container:MovieClip, gridItem:String, columns:Number, rows:Number, colSpace:Number, rowSpace:Number) {;
        this._container = container;
        this._gridItem = gridItem;
        this._columns = columns;
        this._rows = rows;
        this._colSpace = colSpace;
        this._rowSpace = rowSpace;
    private function init():Void {
        for (var b:Number = 0; b<_rows; b++) {
            for (var a:Number = 0; a<_columns; a++) {
                depth = _container.getNextHighestDepth();
                _container.attachMovie(_gridItem, _gridItem+"_"+(depth+1), depth);
                _cont = _container[_gridItem+"_"+(depth+1)]
                gridWidth = (_cont._width*_columns)+(_colSpace*(_columns-1));
                gridHeight = (_cont._height*_rows)+(_rowSpace*(_rows-1));
                _cont._x = a*(Math.floor(gridWidth/_columns));
                _cont._y = b*(Math.floor(gridHeight/_rows));
        dispatchEvent({type:"onGridCreated", target:this});
    private function toString() {
        return ("[Grid]");