My collection of stuff

Hi, I’m gathering my (limited number of!) old fla and stuff, to put on up on a collections site. It’s up and running now -

There’s only a couple of things there but I’m trying to add to it as soon as possible. It’s a matter of finding my old stuff and clearing up the embarrasing and lazy actionscript!

You can play the tweenie game - which has a simple high score table in it. Hope to see some of your names there! That was one of my first games. I will be making the fla available on the site soon.


Cool, look forward to having a look :slight_smile:

I’ll look out for your name in the Tweenies game high scores :cool:

I liked the game… shooting can be relaxing after dealing with a rebel code (which is my case most of the time, you know i’m pretty num with that =) )

Waiting for your stuff :slight_smile:

Thanks. Yes you’re right - it’s kind of therapeutic - the concentration takes your mind of whatever’s bugging you.

And first prize goes to Ilyaslamasse for being the first to put his name on the Tweenies highscore table from the forum!

Phew! I’m terrible at that kind of games… I was so stressed, I almost crushed my mouse :stuck_out_tongue: