My Dog Is Sick :(

My dog has something bad. The doctors say it might be his spleen or liver.
I hope he doesn’t die. I love my dog more than most other people i know.

That says it all right there.
I hope he doesn’t die too, I know how hard losing a pet is.


The thing is, is he isnt a very drooly dog. And now he can barley drink water because he drools so much!.

Good luck with your dog … mine had an allergic reaction recently, and it’s times like these that you remember just how valued they really are.

Nice first Post! Thanks.

“oh you can’t keep a good dog down…” :whistle: (all dogs go to heaven)

I don’t want my dog to die. And frankly, i’m an atheist, but nice try macneilslt

you’ve never seen the movie?

Oh man Sushi I know how you feel man…
I lost my most favorite 2 dogs in my lifetime, my first Soyka, and not to long ago… Donzi. I felt so bad about these rare family members, but I really hope your dog gets better. I know how you feel man, you’ll pull through, along with your dog :slight_smile:

Sad to hear that m8. :crying:

I have 2 boxers, 1 italian greyhound, 2 miniature pinschers and 4 boxers puppies. We had 1 boxer die about 2 years ago, so the two we have now replaced the one we lost from cancer.

Don’t worry man, my dog had a rare cancer. You’re should be A-OK.

Usually its a short phase or something like an alergic reaction to a certain kind of food, shampoo, or such things like that.

Good luck.

Hope he gets better. Sorry, man.

anny news jet? :pa: