My entry (and my 1st post!)

Ok guys, I’ll place my flash code in this first mail

1st::Arrows (tip: roll the mouse over the grid!)
2nd::Disco Lights (tip: watch till you sleep!)
3rd::Toons (note: Toons we love! hope the speed is ok…)
4th::3D grid (note: mainly based on Stuart Schoneveld 3d-engine, and it uses Robert Penner’s easing equations, tip: click on cubes)
5th::3D node net (note: inspired by bit-101’s nodes)


ooo, psychedelic! :stuck_out_tongue:

No need to send the source for the moment. And nice entry by the way :slight_smile:

pom :asian:

oh, ok! Thanks…

Just added entry 2. To keep things clean I am adding all of the flashy code into the first mail!


ok my 3rd entry is uploaded… oof

nick:) :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I really like the toon one. All of them where very trippy.

ok i added my fourth swf. A 3d grid based on Stuart Schoneveld’s 3d engine and Robert Penner’s easing equations. Be careful this is power hungry!


Wow, impressive. My computer wound’t take it until I set the quality as low though…

thanks man, i had no problem on my athlon 1800+ but i think it can break down to the knees smaller machines.

anyway most of the wows goes to this guy who made this wonderful 3d engine…


ok my fifth entry is online (the last one i guess)…


Woo that’s very nice! I wanted to do something with the node garder too, but didn’t have the time… :*(

pom :cowboy: