My first Flash site!

Hi everybody, I haven’t been to this site in forever. Hmm, I have actually sat down, and spent more effort this time to learn flash. Check out my first site at: I also have messed around a little bit with url encoding and flash to facilitate sending links to certain images to my freinds, check this out by clicking here: [URL=] Right now, the pictures on the right are in seperate movie clips, and load up only when the link is clicked, is this the best way of doing it?

Any comments/suggestions would be greatly suggested :stuck_out_tongue:


the sites cool, but i love your little drawings, some are really funny.
and i think you have one fot he best ways of doing “it”

i think the site layout is good. the buttons/links on the scroll bar could be a little more emphasised thought to indicate that they are buttons.