My first grunge

like the title says this is my first grunge. All im askin for is a little constructive critisisim

photbucket resized it, it was originally 500x500px

Not bad!

I might try a different image. And possibly put a poster filter on there before grunging it up, because it tends to make things pretty sweet when grunged up. Also, don’t use a color layer to color the image. I’d airbrush an overlay layer on top of it with some other colors or something. Make it look like more of a “scroll” or something.

edit: Woohoo! 500 posts.


I think it’s good, just needs some colors maybe. Earthtones & reds, that’s what i’d add in.

yah definetly…its too sepia…makes it look more like an old photo than grunge, also the halo guy and the surroundings are too sharp…dull it down…