My first person engine

it (alzor’s of ubergames AFPE engine) can be found here:

the basic engine is about done I have to add a few things like making the walls continuous (ie: never ending and continuously rotating in a 1,2,3,4 sequence) and Ive already done it on a new build but I’m going to clean that code up in a future release. It’s gone from being a primary project (with alot of spent time) to something I do ONCE in a very occasional while. I’ve also gone ahead and started with c++ (barely) so I dont really spend much time on this. Im not so sure whether it would be suitable for a game engine or not because there is ALOT of code behind it. I think one of these days I might set up a demo level with it… that would be really cool wouldnt it? I already have the sprite to make an enemy with and it can be found here:

if you guys give me some positive feedback maybe I’ll take up programming the hell out of this thing again, but up until now I’ve been losing interest in it (wasting my time watching movies and stuff hehe).In terms of the code it’s about 75 percent done (I have some ideas for it to make it really cool but they would make it sooo much code). I want to finish one level with it ,release it a few places get my props and I’ll probably move on to something else and release the source code (I dont really know what Im going to do with it yet though). I’ve found a perfect way to create and FPS without using complicated math at all, in fact the math this does use is simple (because Im not a great mathematician). I posted up a prior version back in the summer without any wall panels, but I saw better engines out there with walls so I wrote them in (knowing this probably isnt the coolest demo out there but I can make it competetive and take it to the next level).

the idea Im thinking of making the demo on is CASTLE TUBBENSTEIN 3d. I’ve always wanted to blast the hell out of those things. if anyone would like to contribute/ or has any ideas of what to do or where to take this thing email me: [email protected] .