My first Photoshop image

Until now I only had fireworks. Now I’ve got Photoshop (finaly) so I followed a tutorial and made my first Photoshop image… Naturaly my first ever Photoshop image and I spell photoshop wrong… and worse… By the time I realised I had spelt it wrong I had merged the layers. So know I can’t change the mistake… :frowning: Oh well if you look past the spelling error I think its quite good.

EDIT: I fixed the spelling mistake by deleting and starting again

EDIT: From now on this thread will no longer be known as “My first Photoshop image.” It shall be known as “Xarrel’s Photoshop Thread.” and I shall use it to display my work. Although I can’t change the name… Which sucks…

Grunge tutorial:

Some tutorials I have recently done: