My first wallpaper!

Be easy on me…its the first one I have ever made:

<img src=>

Good, good, you left room for the icons on the left, good planning. Kind of neat. A tad heavy on bytes perhaps, took like 30 seconds to download, but you made me promise to go easy on you, oh maker of intergalactic flash type worms…


It reminds me of an animation I saw at yugop’s. Nice, but cold, very cold I think.
pom 0]

What do you mean by cold?

And I meant to ask you and Phil before…do you have AOL Instant Messenger?

If any of you do message me…you guys seem fun to talk to and ya never know maybe we can work on a project sometime:

MSN:[email protected]

I don’t have AOL. I have OCQ though and methinks and Pom think probably you should have one too. My ICQ# 148697104, Pom ICQ#138553255
Now go to ICQ and get the messnger. Its way a lot better than AOL anyways!



it’s funny. I think icq, and aol instant message, are kinda like PC and MAC. :slight_smile: you either like one or the other, and everyone thinks that the one they use is the best.

I use ICQ cause its the better of the two. Its just that simple. And BTW, MACS suck. Thats why I use a PC. :evil:


see my point exactly
Everyone is 1sided, they like icq or aol, they like pc or mac, and what they like the other “sucks” well I think it’s bullhockey :slight_smile: Mac’s dont suck, nor do PC’s they are both great computers. I own of each. but right now I am currently like’n the mac better, cause my pc is constantly die’n on me :slight_smile: but I do love pc’s. Macs are just as good as PCs if you ask me, but nobody gives a F*** what a mac fan thinks right?

ok…ive got ICQ installed and have you and Pom added! I used to use ICQ back in the counter-strike days, but then I stopped playing online games so I stuck with AIM!

Is the Mucky-muck a political party by any chance? You said they were going to eat souls, so I just assumed.

And I really dont care one way or the other regarding icq, aol, mac, pc, its just easier to only have one, you know.


I meant cold, because it’s dark, and that red thing looks mean. Kinda like AIDS virus, isn’t it ?

pom 0]

lol i guess it does!

Whats with this passwerd thang tonight? the server must be acting up again…Oh no…Dan, the phunny thang about the french is that even when they think thye are being nice, well, er, ah, Mmm, unhunh…ya, thats the ticket…

know what I mean about these wine gargling cheeseheads?

Um, macs kick ass! Especially my G4 Power Mac!!! :evil:

i like your name dan…but mac is whack :wink: lol